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  • Thu

    The Musicians of London Wall - The Ghost In The Machine


    Grosvenor Chapel

    24 South Audley St, London W1K 2PA

    Mechanical Instruments give us a unique insight into the repertoire and style of playing popular in eighteenth-century England. Instruments such as barrel organs and organ clocks survive which perform perfectly and provide us essentially with a 'recording' of how this music was heard at the time they were made. Often this can be a challenge to our received idea of how music should sound but it is hugely exciting to know that we are hearing something heard and approved by even Handel himself!

    This concert showcases music found in mechanical sources by G F Handel,  Arne, Shield and also popular folk songs and dances performed by the always exuberant and highly accomplished period performers of The Musicians of London Wall.

    Tickets - £15 available from  www.london-handel-festival.com/