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  • Fri

    L'Avventura London - Athanasius Kircher: Music, Science and Natural Magic


    St George's Church, BN2 1ED

    Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680) was a 17th-century German Jesuit polymath who published over 40 works on subjects ranging from music to Egyptology. He also used alchemy and mathematics to explain such musical phenomena as the cure of Saul’s melancholy by David’s harp, the cure of the tarantula’s bite, the harmonic organisation of the human body and the power of birdsong.
    This innovative and entertaining programme will illustrate the most memorable chapters from nine books of Kircher’s masterpiece through music by Kircher, Biber, Vivaldi, Rameau, and Handel (among others), with improvisatory dance music (including tarantella, of course!), traditional Hebrew songs, street songs, and much more!

    Žak Ozmo director, archlute
    Emily Baines recorders
    Eleanor Harrison violin
    Alexandria Lawrence viola
    Natasha Kraemer cello
    Jean Kelly early and traditional harps
    David Wright harpsichord