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Below you can view details of confirmed performances or events featuring or directed by Emily. Please note, every effort is made to keep this up to date, but last minute changes/bookings do happen!

Event Information

  • Tue

    Blondel: Of All the Birds (part of Barnes Music Festival)


    Wetland Centre, Barnes

    Birds and the Natural World in Medieval and Renaissance Music. Featuring music by Senleches, Vaillant, Baldwin, Weelkes and others, with Emily Baines, Lizzie Gutteridge and Belinda Paul.

    The natural world, and birds in particular, provided a wealth of imagery and allegory for medieval and renaissance musicians. They were frequently enlisted to enact the dramas found in human life, at a safe remove, but also served to illustrate the harmony of nature. Imitation of birdsong was also used as a means for human musicians to display their virtuosity and this programme will depict both the harmonious balance of nature and the artistry of humans in imitating it. Featuring performances on recorders, shawms, bagpipes and more!