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  • Fri

    Amyas: Vain and Idle Songs (part of Medieval Music in the Dales)


    Bolton Castle
    Nr Leyburn,
    North Yorkshire
    DL8 4ET

    Emily Baines - Recorders, Bagpipes, Voice
    Arngeir Hauksson - Gittern, Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion

    Story telling has always been a vital way to educate, elucidate, commemorate. English medieval ballads, or story-songs, were used to spread moral myths, religious principles, or news of important political events. Since the music was often improvised, there are many lyrics which survive without melodies, whether they were composed by a poet, or written down after having been passed down perhaps for generations. Amyas revive these story-songs using period melodies from England and around Europe and Scandinavia, also incorporating elements of composition, in true bardic tradition. This programme tells a fascinating array of mini-stories, with dance interludes, on subjects as wide ranging as Judas’s betrayal of Christ (from a 13th century manuscript) to Chaucer’s songs of ‘love unreturned’.