Emily performs regularly with many different period and contemporary music ensembles. Here are a few links to their websites. Please feel free to contact any of them to book concerts/events or to discuss repertoire. They all really love talking about what we do!



Shawms, Curtals, Bagpipes, Recorders: Blondel have established themselves as one of the UK’s skillful and engaging renaissance wind ensembles. From Machault to Morley, they combine skill and expertise with a visceral performance style

You can now download our debut album Zephirus His Sweete Breeth here




An ensemble with a duo at its core.
The core members are Emily Baines and Arngeir Hauksson. Amyas are a period instrument group specialising in exuberant performances of historical repertoire. All of the group members are specialists in the historically informed performance, with many leading the way in cutting-edge research into earlier practices. The group are committed to an understanding of history but also to embracing the 21st century and new possibilities for performance spaces and techniques. Similarly, they are passionate both about discovering unknown early sources and also improvisation and composition. Their performances range from the well-loved classics of the eighteenth century (imbued with their typical flair of course!) to electronic manipulation of medieval songs and dances – and everything in between!




The Fellowshippe of Musickers
Medieval and renaissance music performed by fabulous highly skilled and knowledgeable players with huge flair and vitality. All the members, in addition to world-class classical training, have a foot in the folk camp, giving huge energy to all performances. You can also contact the group here
CDs and downloads are available from https://thefellowshippeofmusickers.bandcamp.com/

Other links for groups with which Emily has recently worked include:

Royal Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Royal National Theatre

London Early Opera

Gabrieli Consort

L’Avventura London

Just Enough Theatre Company

Jericho House Theatre Company